Artist Edition


Please don't eat the medallions, they look better than they taste! The Foodies series is the first series to be featured in the Artist Edition category. From the sushi roll to the extra cheesy pizza, there is a Foodie in this series that will fulfill anyones appetite.

For a limited time only or while supplies last!

Inside the mind of Sergio A.M.

It's no secret-- I love food-- who doesn't?! The Foodies series was a natural fit for me. When I created the Foodies series, my goal was to make a diverse and delicious collection that anyone would salivate over. I chose a colorful, unique flat design style that helps embody the fun and playful aspect of food. From the stuffed taco, perfectly rolled sushi, juicy burger, extra cheesy pizza, bubbly beer, and oozing-with-syrup waffle-- each FLEk came out good enough to eat. To see more of my work, check out my portfolio at The Fourth Machine.

What to Expect

Medallions Only
  • 6 Collectors Edition medallions 
  • 6 medallion holders with micro suction backing
Medallions + showCASE
  • 6 Collectors Edition medallions 
  • 5 of each accessory
  • 1 wicked-strong thermo-polymer showCASE