Official FLEk T-Shirt


The official FLEk T-shirt sporting the FLEk logo in an electric green on a deep blue sea of rich navy.

    Say It With Your Chest

    So your torso is a masterpiece that looks like it was chiseled by Michelangelo himself, and placing a t-shirt on top of it would be a slap in the face to the world. Good news, no one cares. This official chest swag is no ordinary t-shirt, and it wasn't intended for any ordinary person. This is exclusively for the FLEk community, for those who not only believe in the movement, but are the movement. So show some love to that beautiful torso of yours and pick yourself up some FLEk chest swag.

    What To Expect

    • Premium Quality
    • 100% Awesome 
    • Screen printed in 'Merica
    • Did we say 100% Awesome?
      Shell Hood Midnight

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